freebie: pennant flags

Today’s freebie is a set of pennant flags, pre-shadowed, .png format, individually saved, and 300dpi.

* personal use only unless you purchase the commercial use license (see link in tab above on blog).  When you PURCHASE the unlimited commercial use license it allows you to do anything with the freebies posted on this blog for one low, one time purchase price!

Download HERE

8 thoughts on “freebie: pennant flags

  1. vira says:

    thanks for your freebies! I wanted to know if I make a digital scrapbook kit incorporating your images from freebies and then give the kit out as a freebie, is that allowed or not? I don’t plan to sell them.


    • Heather Green says:

      Some of the items on the blog are commercial use where the license is not needed, those you can use for free kits. At the top of each item below the description it will say if you can use the item without the license :)


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