freebie: a digital mess brush set

*updated download link options below!

This is a set of high resolution photoshop brushes, this file will only work in photoshop.

(directions on installing brushes in photoshop here)


*personal use only unless you purchase the commercial use license (see link in tab above on blog).  When you PURCHASE the unlimited commercial use license it allows you to do anything with the freebies posted on this blog for one low, one time purchase price!

Download link below preview:


Example in use (plus bonus background paper is included in your download!)


(26mb download)

Download at 4shared HERE


Download at DepositFiles HERE


Download at RapidShare HERE

***Please note, I have had mediafire giving me troubles for uploading things lately so for now I’m offering several options….any one of the above links will take you to download this file.

16 thoughts on “freebie: a digital mess brush set

  1. Edna B says:

    This is very nice, but cannot be downloaded. Once has to sign on to four shared program in order to use the download feature. If you don’t, the computer freezes up. I had to use the task manager three times to get rid of the program and unfreeze my pc. Sorry. This has happened before with other files.


  2. cesstrelle says:

    I’m having problems with mediafire so I added a couple other options…. if you can get 4shared to work and sign up for an account it is worth it, MANY other freebie sites use it as well so it’s a good one to have. I generally prefer mediafire, but like I said…it’s not allowing me to complete any uploads of files, it’s been timing out lately.


  3. Kirsten says:

    Is it possible to get these in PNG-files please? then they they can be used in other programs as well! They are very beautiful. Thank you so much!


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