freebie: vector corner brushes

This is a set of corner photoshop brushes, the download includes image sheets so you can make brushes for other programs.

(don’t forget, in the right side bar of this blog is a ‘how to’ link for installing photoshop brushes, shapes, etc.)


*personal use only unless you purchase the commercial use license (see link in tab above on blog).  When you PURCHASE the unlimited commercial use license it allows you to do anything with the freebies posted on this blog for one low, one time purchase price!

Download link below previews:



example in use

Download at 2shared HERE (not sure what button to click to download?  Scroll down this post for an image that shows you where to click at 2shared)

Or should that fail….

Download at Mediafire HERE

16 thoughts on “freebie: vector corner brushes

  1. jayleigh says:

    2Shared didn’t have a clear file download – instead, it had several “download” ports, but each of those were for some computer program, and not the file you had uploaded. i do like the G downloader, 4Shared has never been a problem for me, Mediafire has pop-unders that are annoying, but it eventually downloads ok. But, the main thing is, thank you for the brushes – and once again, for ALL the designs you give us with great generosity!


  2. beulahmom says:

    I liked 2 Shared. Just be sure to download the correct file. Lots of sites have additional download buttons. You just have to choose the correct one! :) Mediafire always brings up warnings from my antivirus programs that indicate possible malware present.
    Thanks for the brushes. You always come up with the BEST stuff!! :o)


  3. Carol says:

    Loved 2Shared – simple “download” appeared right away – no tricks or options. Instant download without waiting. Loved the corners!! Thank you!


  4. A Canuck says:

    McAfee Security (virus software) gave me a security warning about 2Shared, so I backed out of that website. I wasn’t able to download successfully from Mediafire for some reason; when I clicked on the button that said “try again”, instead it tried to download some .exe program that McAfee said I should be careful of. I really wish 4Shared would still allow downloads without logging in…


  5. Sue says:

    Love, love, love your corner brushes, thank you very much. Thank you also for the download instructions for each site to make sure we don’t download something we don’t want, its very kind of you.


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