freebie: seamless saturday

Here’s THREE different seamless patterns in jpg format.

Feel free to use these however you’d like….no commercial use license is needed!

Just click each image,  then right click and save to your computer.

Don’t forget to press the back button after downloading to come back to this page






5 thoughts on “freebie: seamless saturday

  1. jayleigh says:

    Thank you for “seamless Saturday trio” – Very creative and unusual in design! The bottom one really looks like a stained glass window – the leading is remarkable and the “glass” has all the little smudgies that often occur on stained glass bits. Thank you again for all the freebies you give week after week. They (and you) are appreciated!


  2. Susan Hope says:

    Can you help me out here Heather?
    I am fairly new to PSE, and I get your newsletter, love the freebies you send. However I haven’t before til now, and I have had questions!

    Seamless Saturday I love these, but.. can you tell me what you do with these? I especially love the stain glass one.

    Thank you,
    Susan 😃

    Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 12:00:55 +0000


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