* Unlimited Commercial Use License

Commercial Use License needed to use any of my items commercially posted on this blog  AFTER March 10th, 2010!

Commercial Use License details…please read before purchase:

To use ALL of my CU products posted after March 10th 2010, purchase the UNLIMITED CU License at $15.00

(products available are in this category HERE and this category HERE)

Unlimited Use entitles you to:

You may use my commercial use item(s) to create digital scrapbook items for resale, use my CU products to create other CU products for resale such as; overlays, word art, templates, etc.

You may use any of my commercial use items to create cards/t shirt designs/calendars/coffee mugs/etc. at websites such as cafepress.com, printfection.com, zazzle.com, etc.

You may NOT re-sell my CU products, you may NOT change their file names and re-sell them (example: taking my brush set file and renaming it and claiming them as your own.)

You may NOT make CU brushes from my photoshop brushes.

You may NOT use my brushes or any other CU products to create stock images to re-sell or offer for free on stock photo sites (such as bigstock, shutterstock, etc.)

Click the ‘buy now’ button to purchase the UNLIMITED CU License for $15.00

After your purchase through paypal, a commercial use license .txt file will be emailed to you to keep on file.  A blog badge will also be emailed to you as well, it is not required to post the blog badge on your site, it’s optional, but I had so many customers asking for one I just send it along anyway just in case you’d like to use it ;-)

Please allow one to two days to receive this via email.  Once you have purchased the license through paypal you can start using the commercial use items immediately, you don’t need to wait for me to send you the text file first.



The Unlimited CU License purchased by you is and will always be available to use the freebies posted in this category HERE, over 180+ of them (as of this writing 4-7-14).  I make no guarantees that in the future I may not be able to post as many freebies or may stop posting freebies entirely due to personal or health reasons.   Should I stop posting freebies I will try to keep up on the download links to make sure everything works.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I make no guarantee that this blog will go on forever although I will try my hardest to keep it online.